Nuts Factory” is active in the processing and retailing of and today has
5 stores in Thessaloniki and 2 in Athens.
Nuts - Τσερλίδης

Nuts Quality

The two axes we work on to deliver the highest quality of the nuts are:

Supply: We only buy from serious and verified suppliers – producing companies, scrutinizing each lot. After we get the control papers from the special chemistry where the fruits are examined, we then set our own criteria for general quality (humidity, size, origin, etc.).

Fruit Flow: We constantly adjust tasks such as processing – baking – preserving so that fruits do not “sit” in our stores for a long time. In this way, you can always bought them fresh from us.


Fresh Every Day

Friendly Stuff

The store’s human resources serve and inform through a sincere smile.

Friendly Stuff - Nuts Factory

We process the finest quality nuts

Unique Design - Nuts Factory

Unique Aesthetics

The peculiarity of the aesthetics of our stores is that we put you into the world of fruit processing and baking.

Through the presentation of processing machines, sounds and smells of fresh fruits we give you the opportunity to participate in this process by enjoying our freshly baked nuts.