Nuts Factory

From the beginning up until now the vision of Nuts Factory is simple and clear:

The consumer needs a unique and esthetic environment, direct service and high quality products.

Nuts Factory group challenges and invites at the same time· the consumer to a worldwide tasting journey which starts from a «different factory» where consumers are able to taste numerous products. The Modern Industrial Design of our stores creates a controversy which is visually positive and constantly increases our customer flow.

Given the long experience of our company, Nuts Factory constitutes a highly successful business proposal. Nuts Industry –buying and selling- is growing rapidly and nuts products have gained a prominent space in people’s everyday needs, regardless of their age, covering any special occasion and nutritional habit.

While trying to keep up with the trends and pulse of our times we seek new passionate and consistent business partners to share the uniqueness and success of our special «factories».

The Nuts Factory Network is characterized by:

  • Optimal Product Quality
  • Liable, reliable and friendly services
  • Low and competitive prices
  • Wide variety of products
  • Unique architecturaldesign
  • Direct contact of the consumer and the product during its preparation

A thorough list of our products:

  • Dried fruits and snack
  • Caramelized Nuts
  • Granola and fruit mixtures (cocktails)
  • Chocolate bars filled with nuts
  • Super foods
  • Fruit bars and brittles

Ofcourseourstoresofferagreatvarietyofnuts. A certain amount of them are half-prepared and their preparation ends in the store before they are sold to the consumer.

Our Stores

The size of the Nuts Factory stores differs and is due the different needs and specifications of each marketplace. For instance, in a restricted marketplace you will find a 50 square meter store while in fact most of our stores range between 150-250 square meters. The main distinctive features are the height of the ceilings which reaches the 5 meters and also the facade which reaches the 8 meters. Those specifications are necessary to construct a unique Nuts Factory store. Last but not least, great emphasis is placed on the open facade system which allows the consumers to feel welcome and familiar to the store instantly.


Timelessness, fair-trade and rational business. Those principals motivate us. As a pioneer· Nuts Factory group offers the opportunity of a different yet much more interesting franchise model. This independent model unshackles the interested parties from the business turnover or whole regulation progress and also from the decision making process. The final decision will be made after the store starts operating. Our main purpose is to assure a more reliable system without any surprises for the franchisee.

Step 1
Having stressed their great interest in Nuts Factory, the potential franchisee meets with Nuts Factory.

Step 2
After being evaluated, the potential franchise will be rigorously informed regarding the progress of this business structure.

Step 3
NutsFactory group will handle the construction and operation of a store of its choice in the city of franchisee’s choice.

Step 4
A completed and functioning store is presented to the potential franchisee giving them the confidence that they will be able to amortize their investment within three years.

Step 5
Given that the two parties reach to an agreement the investor buys the store while at the same time he signs the franchise contract.

We established a franchise system which is reliable and functioning for three reasons:

  1. The potential franchisee is able to see the store finished and fully operating without being given pointless promises or explanations pertinent to the success of the project. They can see it in action!
  2. NutsFactory acts autonomously; more focused on its goals, practicing its knowhow to the maximum regarding the store choice, construction, start-up and employee selections. All the above result in creating a flawless store.
  3. Having investigated the German market, Nuts Factory guarantees the profitability of a proprietary or franchised store.

Contract Terms

The Franchise Contract has a nine year –with the option of renewing- term and provides everything a store needs to operate: business system, knowhow and technical backup.

Nuts Factory is a holding company that secures the following privileges:

  • Location selection
  • Store design
  • Supervision of the construction
  • Exclusive operating and organizing manuals
  • The right to use our well established brand name
  • Advertising support
  • Exclusive partnerships with our suppliers
  • Constant product replenishment 
  • Constant counseling and technical support
  • Constant training of the franchisee and his staff

Costs and Investment Valuation

The stores which have our brand operating license will inevitably achieve high profits. The cost of such an investment depends directly on the size and location of the store and surpasses the 200.000 €. Nuts Factory guarantees in writing the fast depreciation of the investment (3 years) since the project is extremely attractive and lucrative. It is worth mentioning that this time period – two years- is rarely given from a company, let alone in writing, which makes it a secure and solid investment.

The ultimate aim of Nuts Factory is to secure from the beginning that the store the franchisee gets is so solid and successful that any insecurity or precariousness of the investment is eliminated.

Dear franchisee, even after buying our brand store we will stand beside you to your journey to a successful business investment!

If you are interested in sharing our company’s vision, fill the following application form in order for us to be able to explain to you the way our franchise system works and to assess the prospects of development in your area of interest.


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